oihoi is your quintessential online shopping partner for adult lifestyle and personal products in the garb of complete privacy. Privacy of your personal information is taken very seriously as we keep your credentials, order history and any other records extremely private. oihoior any of its affiliates ensure no misuse of your personal information like name, address, age, sex, date of birth, phone number, etc., which relates to a natural person, either directly or indirectly helps identifying such person. However, sensitive information like your bank account details or your credit or debit card details will be collected and purely used for the payment purpose only.

We believe and follow a very strict privacy policy as follows:

No Sharing of Information

    • We will never give out your email address or any other details unless it is used for our internal business purpose or research with the objective to process orders and to serve better.
    • When you place an order, we assume you are interested in our products and will e-mail you if we believe that we are providing information that will be useful to you relating to the products that you have purchased from us or that could be of interest to you. You can choose to keep a separate correspondence email id with us or if you do not wish to receive emails about our products, please unsubscribe easily from our mailing list at a single click.
    • Your credit card/bank statement would not show our name for confidentiality purposes. Even your credit card / bank account would not show any transaction in the name of our company which ensures that the name oihoiwould not appear anywhere.
    • The merchant name on the card/bank statement will either display the name of our payments processing partner or our parent companies name.
    • We maintain comprehensive security of our systems and information database; your information is safe with us and even our employees cannot access it unless it is needed to service you.

Except as stated in this privacy policy, we will not use your personal or sensitive personal information for any other purpose or reason except billing or servicing and processing orders. Placing an order is followed by your consent to the manner and use of your sensitive personal information.

How we use your information

        • Your shipping address: This is merely used to ship your order. You can change it for every order and we will not send anything else to this address except your order itself.
        • Your phone number: This is used only for purpose of helping the courier delivery person to track you. The concealed packing of the orders ensures that the courier delivery person does not get to know anything about your order or you. Your phone number may also be used to confirm your orders and send you shipment tracking codes. Our top management may call you on your number to receive your valuable feedback and suggestion to improve our quality of product and services. If you do not wish to be reached on your cell number or you wish to be reached on any other number, please let us know by emailing us at and we will take care of this on utmost priority.
        • Your credit card information: Your CC/bank account information is used only to process the payments and isn’t saved anywhere on the website or in database.
        • Your billing address: This is required only for purposes of verification of your credit card. oihoiwill not send anything to your billing address.
        • Your email address: We will not send you e-mails once you have processed a no-mail request. As a default, we assume your consent to send you e-mails for purposes of:
          • E-mailing you copy of the order
          • E-mailing you the shipping confirmation
          • E-mailing you a short customer satisfaction survey
          • E-mailing you ‘Reminders’ for products you opt to be reminded for
          • E-mailing you information relating to new products or promotions on the website
          • E-mailing you information about issues that we believe may be of your interest

Gathering Information

        • Every website inevitably collects information. However, we have a comprehensive information gathering policy to maintain your privacy.
        • For Visitors (people who look into our store or visit us, but do not register with us) – When you visit oihoi, we know that someone is visiting us but we do NOT know that it is you. We ONLY count the number of visitors and track which pages/products are of greater interest to visitors. We do NOT gather or use any information about person who simply visits our site, without any registration.
        • For Customers (people who have an account with us or register on our site or order with us):
          • oihoi keeps a record of your personal information but it is covered by Privacy Policy in the strictest confidence. This information may be shared by us with our third party business partners and our vendors only to process your orders or to address any complaints that you may have about us or the products.
          • You have the right to know about the information collected about you. You also have the right to change this information. If you would like to contact us to edit our data, please write to us at
          • In order to make changes to your information you will be required to submit your identity to us. This prevents other individuals from accessing your files.
          • We will not reveal credit card numbers over the telephone. If there is an issue with your credit card we can directly handle it through your merchant bank.
          • Customer feedback is also held in strict confidence. If we disclose your feedback about our business or products, it will be in a completely anonymous manner.
          • To summarize, every purchase from oihoiis held in the strictest of confidence and is 100% private.

Legal issues

        • Just in case, a transaction is involved in a legal dispute (usually credit card fraud); information might be requested from us in form of witness summons (legal demand for information or appearance). In such cases, we might be required to furnish requisite information. In case this occurs, our policy is to first contact the customer (through preferred medium chosen by the customer) to inform them of our legal obligations.
        • These issues are not common and generally happen in case of credit card frauds. Hence, such information sharing would help in protecting your account and business with us.

Links to other sites

        • Our site may link to other websites that may collect personally identifiable information about you. Any such pages will clearly be identifiable in the browser URL and will not carry the oihoi logo on the top. We do not take any responsibility for the policies or actions of such websites whatsoever.
        • However, such links (except for the one to our payment gateway provider) are NOT required to browse or complete any transaction at oihoi. We have ensured that your experience with us is as private and completely confidential.
        • Our payment gateway provider may have a history of managing millions of secure payment transactions. You may shop with confidence with us and make payments through them.
        • Our site may have links from advertisers and we take NO responsibility of consequences after being re-directed to their websites.

Merger, Acquisition and Termination of Service

If we merge with, or are acquired by another company, the resulting combined company will use the Personal Information and / or any sensitive personal information as described in this policy. If we cease operation, your Personal Information and / or sensitive personal information may be transferred to and used by another company that offers similar or related products and services.

We are confident that you agree with our privacy policy in the industry. You are welcome to write to us at for any clarifications.