OiHOi Intimate Organics

OIHOI is a Revolutionary and Premium Intimate Health And Hygiene Brand providing Organic formulations for Sexual Health , Personal Care , Protection, Purification and Nourishment of the extremely important vital parts of the human body
Though intimate health is the most important aspect one any human’s life, yet it is Undeniably the most ignored when it comes to personally talking care of these lifelines.
Anyone and everyone is concerned about their external beautification !! Be it about skin , your hair , beauty regimes at home or the parlour or the cosmetics we use everyday to enhance the way we look.
Well ! we don’t say they are not important and necessary but what about your intimate health? Is that not a matter of concern and priority? Well we surely think they are and this very concern concern brings us to curate these special formulations at OiHOi Intimate Organics.

We create for you adams and eves products of the highest quality which are Ayurvedic , Organic , Authentic and Unadulterated for Safe and extremely Effective usage . Right from Cleansing, Protecting, Nourishing to Strengthening, we have got you covered. Literally! What more?

Most of us, both men and women, believe that we don’t need to do anything particular for our intimate health. Our chaotic and stress-ridden lifestyle, pollution, sweeping use of chemical-laced products, and lack of self-love lead us to paying minimal or no attention at all to intimate health and sexual wellness. Sigh!
At OiHOi we are determined to design all natural ,herbal and safe to use everyday mild Intimate health, hygiene and wellness products to fill this void and promote a culture of self-care that’s honest, loving and proactive.

Our exquisite and revolutionary brand focuses on products that provide long-term and sustainable benefits. Yay!

What goes into our products?

With an extremely talented and dedicated Team, we source some of the best ingredients like herbs and oils from around the world for the products that we create.
These ingredients have been used for thousands of years for the welfare of Humans as well as cure for almost all sorts of ailments. so our formulations follow ayurvedic wisdom too as they find their roots in ancient Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine.
Our love for mother Earth compels us to create products that are environment safe as well as cruelty free, being completely free from Sulphates, Parabens, Artificial Fragrance, Artificial Colour , Mineral Oil or Preservatives.


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