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ENASAF – Men 445.00 360.00

ENASAF – Women

445.00 360.00

  • organic and extremely safe soap free intimate wash for the personal hygiene needs of women
  • Maintains an ideal PH of 3.8 for a clean and healthy vagina
  • Protects against all sorts of infections
  • Prevents itching, irritation and odour
  • Maintains a Healthy Natural vaginal ecosystem.
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OIHOI ENASAF is an everyday use Soap free and safe intimate hygiene wash Formulated for women’s personal hygiene needs. Its rich Formula is composed of Essential Oils and Patented products makes it extremely safe and useful for vaginal cleansing.
Washing the intimate area with regular soap washes away all the needed bacteria and disturbs the PH balance and the natural lubrication of vagina.
Our formulation Cleans, Protects and Moisturizes, maintaining the Sensitivity and Tenderness and Natural Ecoflora of the vagina.


Throughout the day women experience pollution, unclean public washrooms , high temperature, tight clothing , poor quality of undergarments ,hectic work life, stress and anxiety. Any of these factors can lead to an irritating itch between your legs or an unusual discharge that gets worse when it comes in contact with dirt and toxins. This discharge further causes irritation, discomfort, sweat and bad odour and lead to infections ,making it embarrassing and an emotional suppressor at times

Since the regular bathing with soap and water has been proven to be unsuccessful in vaginal cleanliness. Experience our vaginal wash with nature’s power that cleans and removes dirt. It also soothes and moisturizes the tender area giving you all day long freshness and comfort.



THE SECRET ACTIVE INGREDIENTin this product is an α-glucan oligosaccharide obtained by a patented process of enzymatic biocatalysis. This probiotic presents a DOUBLE ACTIVITY of helping the needed good bacteria to grow while curbing the growth of harmful bacteria allowing the sustainable and ecological Eco flora of skin and hair ecosystem for a healthy vaginal environment, lending an ideal pH balance making you feel fresh and allowing you stay away from sweat ,infection and bad odour.

ALOE VERA:Aloe Vera is a healing and soothing agent.

JASMINE:Jasmine treats dry, brittle, or dehydrated skin. It is has effective germicidal, bactericidal, fungicidal, and antiviral properties.
It gives relief to those women who suffer from irregular and painful menses and cramps and deals with untimely menopause. it tones the uterus and promotes the secretion of certain hormones which ensure good health and proper functioning of the organ.

FRANKINCENSE OIL:essential oil it is an antiseptic, disinfectant, astringent reduces obstructed and delayed menstruation and delays the advent of menopause. It also helps to cure other symptoms associated with menses and pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS). It strengthens roots, tones and lifts skin, contracts muscles, intestines, and blood vessels, heals internal wounds.

SANDALWOOD:it is an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antiphlogistic, Antispasmodic: it is helpful in relaxing and treating problems associated with spasms, such as cramps, aches

TEA TREE : the strong acidic tea tree oil can kill fungi and bacteria in no time.the antifungal properties help in controlling fungi inside the vagina and prevents it from spreading.

CINNAMON:Cinnamon is an antifungal and has antibacterial properties that make it a good treatment for yeast infections, and can cure candida.

CLOVE:according to studies clove battles all kinds of fungal infections. it is said to be effective against atleast 15 diiferent forms of fungi.

LAVENDER: This pretty purple flower will lend your muscles and joints relieve from sprains and other muscle pain as well as cramps and sore feet.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: it relieves the vagina from itching , burning , and general irritations. Being an antifungal it helps in curtailing the infections. It helps restore pH balance aiding in speedy recovery.



  1. Safely cleanses your intimate area
  2. Maintains an equilibrium with a pH of 3.5(Ideal For Healthy Intimate Area)
  3. Prevents itching, irritation and odour
  4. Removes dirt and fights Infections
  5. Moisturizes, soothes and refreshes
  6. Ideal for all skin types
  7. Removes residuals of sanitary napkins and blood clots from periods.
  8. Personal hygiene contributes towards good health



  1. Before and after intercourse
  2. During and after periods
  3. After using public washrooms.
  4. After workout or after playing sports


Step 1: Apply to the intimate area.
Step 2: Massage the product. Let it sink in so the skin absorbs the extracts.
Step 3:Rinse with water.


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